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In Adobe Reader, the name of controls is now reported when moving focus or using quick navigation in browse mode. In browse mode documents, NVDA no longer incorrectly switches out of focus mode when aria-activedescendant is set; e.g. when the completion list appeared in some auto complete controls. In browse mode, NVDA now behaves correctly with respect to read-only editable text fields. NVDA’s user interface and documentation no longer use the terms "first child" and "parent" with respect to object navigation, as these terms are confusing for many users.

NVDA can now instruct speech synthesizers to switch languages for particular sections of speech. To support this, drivers must handle speech.LangChangeCommand in sequences past to SynthDriver.speak().

When in browse mode and jumping to a control with quicknav or focus, the description of the control is now announced if it has one. Layout tables are no longer announced in Mozilla Gecko applications while moving the focus when in focus mode or outside of a document. in Internet Explorer and other MSHTML controls, support for ARIA list, gridcell, slider and progressbar controls has been improved.

Major performance improvements when reading and navigating Microsoft Word documents while automatic reporting of formatting is enabled, thus now making it quite comfortable to proof read formatting etc. Performance may be also improved over all for some users. Due to the replacement of the previous NSIS installer for NVDA with a built-in installer in Python, it is no longer necessary for translaters to maintain a langstrings.txt file for the installer. All localization strings are now managed by gettext po files.

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In browse mode in Adobe Reader, table row and column counts are now reported. Java Access Bridge 2.0.2 is now supported, which includes support for 64 bit Java Runtime Environments. subclasses of the sapi5 synthDriver can now override _getVoiceTokens and extend init to support custom voice tokens such as with sapi.spObjectTokenCategory to get tokens from a custom registry location. Braille correctly respects the settings for reporting of object shortcut keys, position information and descriptions.

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