Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Bill 193, Pay Day Loans Act

Where no hearing needed

(2) The Tribunal is not needed to cover a payday loan provider a hearing under this area in the event that Tribunal has formerly discovered, in a hearing under area 12, that the payday loan provider charged a cost or a quantity in contravention for this Act or gotten a repayment in contravention with this Act with regards to the debtor whom is applicable for relief under subsection (1).


(3) In the event that Tribunal sales a payday loan provider to refund a quantity under this part, the Tribunal could also order excellent or damages being punitive such other relief because it considers appropriate.


35. (1) an individual is accountable of an offense in the event that individual,

(a) provides false information in a credit card applicatoin under this Act;

(b) doesn’t conform to an purchase, way or other requirement under this Act; or

(c) contravenes or fails to comply with any supply with this Act or the laws.


(2) An officer of the company is bad of a offense she fails to take reasonable care to prevent the corporation from committing an offence mentioned in subsection (1) if he or.

Charges – people

36. (1) Every specific convicted of a offense under this Act is likely to an excellent of less than $50,000, to imprisonment for a term of less than couple of years less a or both day.

Exact exact Same – corporations

(2) Every company convicted of a offense under this Act is likely to a superb of less than $250,000.


37. The Lieutenant Governor in Council could make laws,

(a) prescribing services that are professional under another Act to which this Act will not use;

(b) prescribing charges which can be payable according associated with issuance or renewal of licences;

(c) prescribing the word of credibility of the licence;

(d) prescribing the knowledge on an applicant’s business framework and governance when it comes to purposes of subclause 7 (2) (g) (ii);

( ag ag ag e) respecting applications for the issuance or renewal of the licence, including prescribing items that a person trying to get the issuance or renewal of a licence must make provision for under clause 7 (2) (h);

(f) prescribing grounds that will disentitle a job candidate up to a licence;

(g) prescribing the articles of an disclosure statement that is initial

(h) prescribing the minimal working capital that will probably be maintained with a lender that is payday

(i) regulating the papers and documents that needs to be held by licensees, such as the way and location for which they’ve been held together with schedules for keeping information that is such authorizing the Registrar to specify the place from which they have to be held;

(j) prescribing papers, documents or information that really must be supplied to your Registrar, respecting the full time and way for which they have to be supplied and requiring that specified information might be confirmed by affidavit;

(k) prescribing any matter or thing which may be or perhaps is needed to be recommended in this Act and respecting any matter that’s needed is by this Act to be performed prior to the laws.

Exact Same – Tribunal

38. (1) The Lieutenant Governor in Council could make laws,

(a) prescribing a Tribunal for the purposes for this Act;

(b) developing a Tribunal for the purposes with this Act.

Exact Same

(2) Festus payday advances Regulations developing a Tribunal under clause (1) (b) might provide for almost any matter essential to the effective functioning associated with the Tribunal, including, however limited by, regulating the visit of people and their remuneration, the visit of the seat and vice-chairs, the company and management for the Tribunal plus the techniques and procedures associated with Tribunal.

Commencement and Brief Title


39. This Act has force for a to be named by proclamation of the lieutenant governor day.

Quick name

40. The brief name with this Act may be the pay day loans Act,.

The balance enacts a brand new act entitled the pay day loans Act,.

The Act governs payday advances, that are thought as loans in a sum of $3,000 or less which are created for a term of 8 weeks or less.

The Act imposes certification requirements on individuals whom make pay day loans also it establishes procedures for revoking and suspending licences, at the mercy of appeal provisions.

Offences and requirements that are regulatory given to, as is a procedure for coping with complaints.

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