Let me make it clear about Inclusive Mobility Alliance

How many students with disabilities involved in Erasmus+ was nearly stagnating since 2007, although the wide range of teenagers experiencing Erasmus+ exchanges are increasing quickly. Issue associated with the inclusiveness of just one regarding the flagship EU programmes is raised several times within the last years that are few. Despite numerous efforts made, Erasmus+ continues to be considered by numerous as a rather elitist programme.

Between 0.17per cent (degree pupils and students mobilities) and 2.4per cent (Youth mobilities) of Erasmus+ participants are section of the category that is so-calledSpecial requirements”. Of course, there is certainly space for enhancement!

Our solution: generate an alliance of European organisations taking care of the main topic of Inclusive flexibility.

We’ve collected 21 organisations with a high expertise in advanced schooling flexibility, Youth disability and mobility. The diagram above shows the logos regarding the organisations included and just how their industry of tasks are interlinked.

The goals regarding the Inclusive Mobility Alliance are:

Toolbox on Inclusive Mobility

The after toolbox collects current of good use product on comprehensive flexibility. Produced by various organisations from all over European countries, all of the product available is targeted at enhancing the inclusiveness of worldwide mobilities, raise understanding about possibilities and help systems or offer evidence-based research about Inclusive Mobility.

1. Testimonials

This area contains of good use testimonials of pupils with disabilities in the region of European and worldwide flexibility.

2. Interesting networks/platforms

This area contains of good use links to network/platforms in the region of European and international flexibility for pupils with disabilities.

3. Recommendations and webinars on comprehensive flexibility

This part provides links that are useful recommendations and webinars within the context of comprehensive flexibility for student with disabilities.

Take a look folder folder discover directions and documents that are useful.

here are some helpful links to resources that are online

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